Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Compensation Attorneys In Janesville, Wisconsin

Nowlan & Mouat assists workers in protecting their rights and recovering benefits for hearing loss caused by workplace noise.

In recent years, Nowlan & Mouat LLP has focused on representing individuals who are suffering from hearing loss that was caused by a noisy work environment. Our attorneys advocate relentlessly for their clients to obtain medical treatment, hearing aids and compensation commensurate with their work related hearing loss.

Protect Your Rights

In order to determine whether you're eligible for worker's compensation related benefits, simply follow these three brief, but important, steps.

Step One: Identifying A Hearing Loss

If your family complains that you have the television up too loud, if you have difficulty hearing over the telephone, or if you frequently have to ask others to repeat themselves in conversation, you may have hearing loss.

Step Two: Measuring & Addressing That Decline

Once you've identified the signs of hearing loss, you should be evaluated by a qualified professional in order to determine the exact degree of hearing loss. After a hearing test and evaluation has been performed, a professional will be able to help you decide whether hearing aids or other assistive technology, such as modified telephones, will improve your hearing and quality of life.

Because hearing tests can be costly and some insurers will not pay for hearing loss evaluations, please contact us for a free evaluation in your area by a qualified professional. Call (800) 754-8110 or send an email.

Step Three: Your Compensation Recovery Benefits

Because Medicare and most insurers will not pay for hearing aids, individuals suffering from diminished hearing may be faced with substantial out-of-pocket costs. (Hearing aids typically cost $3,000 - $7,000 per pair!) If you've worked in a noisy environment -- even if it was only for a short time -- you may be entitled to hearing aids and compensation for your occupational hearing loss. Typical recoveries are from $5,000 - $15,000 plus the costs of hearing aids and medical evaluations.

Wisconsin law requires that employers compensate workers for hearing loss caused by on-the-job noise. Protect your rights by contacting us at (800) 754-8110 or by email.

testimonial"Despite working in a noisy environment for several years, I didn't realize I had any hearing loss until I was holding my infant granddaughter. My wife mentioned that my granddaughter was cooing and laughing. I didn't hear a thing. That's when I knew I needed hearing aids." --Ron, Milton, WI