Workers’ Comp Spinal Cord Injury Claims

If you or someone who know has experienced a spinal cord injury, the workers’ compensation attorneys at Nowlan & Mouat can help.

According to Wisconsin state workers’ comp law, you are entitled to wage loss benefits, permanent disability benefits, vocational retraining and reimbursement for medical expenses.

Our work injury lawyers will help you recover fair compensation for your work-related spinal cord injury so you can cover the costs of your loss of earning capacity and ongoing medical care such as counseling, office visits, physical therapy, prescriptions and even the mileage you drive to and from your doctor appointments.

Suffering a work-related spinal cord injury completely changes your life. We realize that no amount of compensation is enough to completely alleviate your pain and suffering. But our workers’ compensation lawyers have the experience and dedication necessary to make sure you receive fair compensation for your work-related spinal cord injury to help you continue your quality of life.

Work-related spinal cord injuries are not only physically devastating, they are also emotionally and financially devastating as well. Our attorneys will handle everything you need for your workers’ compensation claim so you can focus entirely on your health and recovery. You will not even pay any legal fees unless we win your case for you.

If you or someone you know is entitled to worker’s compensation benefits for their spinal cord injury, contact or call us at (608) 755-8100 to schedule your consultation with us today!