Nowlan Earns the Trust and Confidence of a Family Business

Nowlan Earns the Trust and Confidence of a Family Business

Issue: Requirement for complex business succession plan
Action: Learn about family business and family dynamics to develop business succession plan
Outcome: Execute a successful business succession plan and provide ongoing legal counsel

Bjoin Limestone, Inc., is a longstanding family business that placed its trust and confidence in one attorney for decades. When that attorney retired, the family was left with a large void on their business team. Even worse, the retirement occurred immediately prior to the family’s decision to engage in a sizable and complex business succession.

Relying upon a referral, the Bjoin family contacted Attorney Timothy Lindau to guide them through their business succession plan and to serve as their corporate attorney. During their initial consultations, the family became confident that Attorney Lindau, together with his partners and the staff of Nowlan, could handle all of their legal needs. In addition, they knew that Attorney Lindau shared their objectives and goals and that he would be invested in the success of their business.

Attorney Lindau successfully guided the family through the business succession plan, which involved many complex issues. By learning about the business operations and family dynamics, he was fully able to represent the family’s interests.

Since then, the family has relied upon Nowlan for all of its corporate legal needs, including the review and preparation of contracts, corporate and regulatory compliance, financing, and real estate transactions. The business has also benefited from Nowlan’s expertise in municipal law as it faces challenges from and changes to local zoning and mining laws and regulations.

As Kathy Bjoin says, “When running a business, you must feel confident that your law firm knows your business and is invested in its success. For us, that firm is Nowlan.”

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