Divorce and Family Law

Nowlan stands beside clients dealing with difficult times in their lives, protecting their assets, advocating for their best interests and helping them to rebuild their lives out of the painful process of family changes.

Protecting and Preserving in Times of Conflict

Divorce and related family conflict bring some of life’s most difficult challenges. People are faced with making decisions about their futures while struggling with emotions and present uncertainties. It is easy to get pulled into many different directions and feel a sense of helplessness. At such times it is important to know that an experienced attorney is at your side to help you through these tough and emotional situations.

Our family law and divorce lawyers will look out for your best interests while protecting your future. We treat each case with the individual attention and respect that it deserves.

For generations, the attorneys of Nowlan have handled the separations of area business owners, professionals, and their spouses. We understand the need to protect what is most important—most often, children—and to preserve assets. Our attorneys will confidently guide you through this process, listening carefully to your questions, focusing on your needs, and educating you about your choices. We will encourage you to focus on long-term goals, such as establishing effective co-parenting arrangements and conserving assets, and we will develop strategies to achieve them. When questions arise that require special expertise, such as business valuation, you can rely on the wide range of expertise within our firm to provide answers.

Our attorneys have worked hard to earn the respect of local judges. We bring our own credibility as a primary factor in the presentation of your case.

Whether your union is settled through skilled negotiation or aggressive litigation, the lawyers of Nowlan in Janesville, WI will advocate for your best interests, focusing on preservation, and not on destruction.

Divorce and Family Law Attorneys


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