Civil Litigation


Litigation legal services sometimes becomes a necessity for businesses, individuals, governments and school districts. The civil litigation lawyers Nowlan & Mouat helps clients navigate the court systems successfully and cost-effectively.

Cost-Effective Navigation of State and Federal Courts

When disputes arise in business, government and personal affairs, clients can rely on a diverse group of litigators at Nowlan & Mouat to pursue resolution, whether through litigation or arbitration and mediation. Our lawyers bring expertise from the various disciplines of the firm, including substantial experience in the transactional and governmental areas of practice. They deal with commercial, contract, real estate and land use, employment and probate-related litigation, as well as family law and personal injury litigation.

Navigating the court systems and the administrative hearing system can be complex, adding time and cost in inexperienced hands. The lawyers at Nowlan & Mouat not only understand how these systems work, but also recognize the transactions that lead to litigation. They parlay their knowledge to handle client matters in timely and cost-effective ways. This is particularly valuable in business and government-related litigation, where profitability and public accountability are at stake.

Disputes—and litigation—may be inevitable. When they occur, the litigation team at Nowlan & Mouat goes beyond courtroom representation to help clients manage disputes as part of their overall strategy for success.