Teamwork Wins the Day for Real Estate Developer

Issue: Challenge to a real estate development
Action: Jury trial
Outcome: Winning verdict for the developer

A recent real estate case called on the collective expertise of the Nowlan team. Real estate attorney Fred Wesner represented BLM, a local commercial developer, as it sought to develop a parcel as part of a larger project. The owner of a neighboring commercial parcel, however, objected to the granting of a conditional use permit for BLM’s project. When he attempted to appeal to the Janesville Board of Zoning Appeals, Wesner brought the matter to commercial and municipal litigation attorney Dave Moore. Moore represented BLM before the Zoning Board of Appeals, which upheld the grant of the permit. But the neighbor didn’t stop there. He filed an action in Rock County Circuit Court, challenging the City’s right to approve the project as proposed. Ultimately, the matter went to a jury trial. Moore tried the case for BLM. BLM won.

Later, the client decided to change the project in a manner that required additional communications and negotiations. Working together, Moore and Wesner carefully negotiated a resolution with the neighbor and City staff that will result in the integration of two large commercial developments that represent an important part of Janesville’s future.

The combination of first-rate real estate and development skills, litigation capability and careful negotiation led to an optimal result for a satisfied client.