I Hurt My Back at Work. What Do I Do?

Date: May 15, 2017 Category: Worker's Compensation Law

You count on your income to support your family. Should you suffer a back injury at work, you might need to turn to workers’ compensation to get benefits that can help you make ends meet and receive medical care related to the injury.

If you plan on filing for workers’ compensation benefits, you should first conduct research to learn about what to expect after the injury.

What steps must be taken after the injury?

You must notify your employer about the injury as soon as possible. Notification in writing is usually best. When you do notify your employer, make it clear that you need to get medical care for the injury. You have the legal right to choose a medical provider.  Your employer does not have the right to choose for your medical provider for you.

What types of back injuries are covered?

Contrary to popular belief, workers’ compensation doesn’t cover only back injuries that are the result of a single accident. Workers’ compensation also covers injuries that are the result of repetitive motion. When there isn’t a single accident to blame, you should consult with an experienced attorney to determine whether your day-to-day job duties may have caused your injury.

What types of benefits are possible?

The two most common benefits of the workers’ compensation program are wage replacement and medical coverage. Typically, you will receive up to two-thirds of your average pay when you are approved for wage replacement benefits. All of the care you receive in connection with the back injury should be covered; however, the care must be reasonable.

What should I do if my claim is denied?

Contract an experienced worker’s compensation attorney immediately.  The attorneys of Nowlan & Mouat will advise you on your rights and how to protect them.  And best of all, Nowlan & Mouat offers free, no-commitment consultations.


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