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For decades, Nowlan & Mouat LLP has offered a broad range of legal services to towns, villages, cities, counties and school districts in southeastern Wisconsin.

Expert Legal Advice for Confronting Local Issues

Local governments deal with a host of issues, including federal and state laws, economics, and taxation. In order to continue governing effectively, local governments must make sure their business is conducted promptly and lawfully. Knowledgeable, insightful, and timely legal advice enables local government to serve its citizens well.

For decades, Nowlan & Mouat has provided local governments with the expert legal advice they need to confront local issues and achieve their long-term goals. Our firm offers a broad range of legal services to towns, villages, cities, counties, and school districts throughout southeastern Wisconsin. From drafting policies, contracts and ordinances, to managing labor negotiations, to advising on land use decisions, Nowlan & Mouat assists clients in conducting efficient, legally-compliant, and cost-effective local government.

As a local firm that’s committed to actively serving its community, Nowlan & Mouat understands both the municipal laws and the politics of the region, and offers counsel that takes public relations and economic realities into account. Our seasoned municipal and school law attorneys have years of experience in areas such as farmland preservation,zoning, student and public record laws, property taxes, and other complex legal issues affecting Rock County and the southeastern Wisconsin region.

Our team of municipal lawyers has the size and expertise to provide local governments with answers to complex legal questions, while still delivering services that are personalized and cost-effective. By choosing Nowlan & Mouat, our clients gain the proficiency of municipal lawyers who devote their practices to municipal and school law, but who also incorporate skills honed in the areas of business and civil litigation. The attorneys at Nowlan & Mouat are dedicated to not only presenting municipalities with their legal options, but to helping local governments understand their options so they can make sound legal decisions that better their community.

Contact or call us today at (608) 755-8100 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced municipal and school law attorneys. They will take the time to listen, acknowledge your concerns, and counsel you on the best course of legal action to take. The proactive and problem-solving advice of Nowlan & Mouat can help municipalities to do their job: to serve the public, build community, avoid lawsuits, and adapt to changing realities.