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Workers across Wisconsin who have suffered injuries on the job know they can trust Nowlan & Mouat to obtain fair compensation to help restore quality of life.

Fair Settlements for Continued Quality of Life

The work injury lawyers at Nowlan & Mouat LLP understand that individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of their job may feel vulnerable. Not only are they dealing with the effects of their work-related injury, but they are also wondering whom to trust in seeking compensation. While most individuals have heard of workers' compensation law, many are either uncertain of the basic benefits included by their employer’s coverage, are hesitant to file a workers compensation claim or are unsure of what action to take if their claim is denied. In our experience, individuals who have suffered injuries on the job are not trying to take advantage of the system, they simply want a fair outcome.

With extensive experience in achieving favorable results, the work injury attorneys at Nowlan & Mouat LLP ave earned a reputation in workers' compensation law for expertly representing their clients throughout the state of Wisconsin and beyond. Our capable staff handles everything for their clients so they can focus on their personal health and recovery, and their clients pay no fee unless they win their cases. Unique insight into how insurance companies operate and knowing judges from around the state allow us to negotiate aggressively to secure favorable decisions on behalf of our clients. The injury lawyers at Nowlan & Mouat LLP are committed to representing their clients with conviction and integrity, utilizing all of our resources to help restore their clients’ quality of life.

Over the years, our firm has represented individuals who have experienced all kinds of work-related injuries, including clients with work-related back and neck injuries, or those who are experiencing health complications from toxic chemical exposure. Whatever the case may be, workers from across Wisconsin who have suffered injuries on the job know they can trust Nowlan & Mouat LLP to obtain them fair compensation that will help to restore their quality of life.

In the event that you’re considering filing a workers' compensation insurance claim, it is important to remember the following information.

Almost every type of employee is covered under the Wisconsin Workers' Compensation Act. However, there are a few exceptions. These include:

  • • Domestic servants
  • • A few types of farm workers
  • • Volunteer workers, (including those at non-profit organizations), who receive money or other forms of compensation amounting to more than $10.00 a week.
  • • Certain members of religious sects
  • • Federal government employees, (such as postal workers, members of the armed forces, etc.,), and interstate railroad workers covered by other federal worker’s compensation laws.
  • • Seamen, longshoremen and harbor workers covered by other workers compensation legislation.

Things You Need To Do To Support Your On-the-Job Injury Case

If you are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits and suffer a work-related injury or illness, it’s your responsibility to:

  • • Report the injury or illness to your supervisor right away, regardless of whether you think it’s a minor injury that doesn’t require medical attention. Delaying or negligence to notify your employer can adversely affect both your health and your opportunity to receive workers compensation benefits.
  • • Submit to reasonable medical attention, (first aid, doctor appointment, surgery, etc.). However, you can refuse any surgery that endangers life and limb. You must also tell the doctors or medical staff exactly how the injury occurred and if the injury or illness was work-related.
  • • Keep all medical and payment records pertaining to the injury for documentation purposes.
  • • Disclose any changes in your income to the workers compensation insurance carrier, regardless of whether your income has increased or decreased. This includes if you go back to work or accept a job elsewhere.

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) also has additional information and resources available on their Division of Workers' Compensation website. Including links to insurance letters, workers' compensation forms, FAQs and other services. In the event that your workers' compensation claim is unjustly denied or disputed, the DWD recommends securing the services of an attorney to represent you in all legal proceedings.

Let the experienced and knowledgeable workers compensation attorneys at Nowlan & Mouat LLP review the details of your claim, guide you through your options, and arbitrate your case to ensure that you collect all the benefits and compensation that are owed to you.

Know Your Responsibilities and Avoid Fraudulent Claims

The attorneys at Nowlan & Mouat LLP also work to help Wisconsin’s employers understand the insurance coverage, medical care, lost wages and punitive damages that are required of them by state workers' compensation law. In situations where employers suspect a claimant is committing workers' compensation fraud, our lawyers will work to recover the value of the benefits and compensation that was fraudulently collected.

Choose Local Lawyers Who Specialize in Workers' Compensation Law

If you believe you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits, don’t delay! Contact the law offices of Nowlan & Mouat LLP and speak with one of our experienced worker’s compensation attorneys today. Our staff will take the time to listen, assess your rights and responsibilities, and advise you in the best course of legal action to take in order to secure fair compensation for your work-related injury.

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